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Fernando Alonso, 1st member of the Viceroy Bank of Time

Besides driving at more than 300km/h, Fernando has invested his time in other stuff that matters to him. He stood out as a football keeper and played in Celta de Vigo's football team. He took part as a dubbing actor in a famous animated movie about racing cars.

He has been named UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador and has created Fernando Alonso's Foundation to promote motoring and driving education.

Now he is also a member of Viceroy Bank of Time and you can also join in.

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Fernando Alonso Díaz
Member 1

31 years old

Oviedo, Asturias

Racing car driver

Time is what you do with it
I’m interested in: tattoos, art, cars, japanese cooking

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Driving Skills
in a racing circuit


CATEGORY: Education


The three winners of the contest will learn together with the driver some driving skills at a trial circuit.

Skids, spins, traction over wet pavement and the wise tips from Fernando Alonso is what three members of Viceroy Bank of Time will be able to live in person.

Received Services

Fernando Alonso turns into a tattoo artist

David Simó, professional tattoo artist, teaches Fernando Alonso the most important tips to learn about his profession.

Fernando Alonso made his first tattoo thanks to other Viceroy Bank of Time member. If you watch the extended version of the video, you will also learn for sure a lot of things about the world of tattoos.

Fernando Alonso learns how to sculpt ice

Stephane, ice sculptor, showed Fernando Alonso how to turn frozen water into a piece of artwork.

With a power saw, a chisel and a file, both Viceroy Bank of Time members created an ephemeral little piece of art. In the extended version of the video, you can see the steps they took in order to reach the final result.

What is the Viceroy Bank of Time?


The Viceroy Bank of Time is a place where people exchange their most valuable thing, their time.

It's an online platform developed by Viceroy, donated to the Spanish society for people to live, learn and share skills, knowledge and experiences with others.

Money does not matter here.

For each activity that a member carries out, he will receive time credits that can be exchanged for stuff that other people offer in the Viceroy Bank of Time.

For example, Marta gives a yoga class
to Luis. On exchange, Marta gets time credits from Luis and can use them to
give them to Tomás so that he will make her, let's say, a drawing of her face, creating that way a chain of favours
where people exchange their time and no one needs money.

Driving skills, drawing, translating to Russian language, knitting, gardening, cooking a good paella, hair cutting...
it all can be exchanged with the rest of
the world.